The whales are in! Magnificent Southern Right Whales have begun gathering in the sheltered bays around Bremer Bay to calve. Soon we will have frolicking youngsters and doting mothers putting on a whale watching extravaganza, doing what comes naturally and offering a special treat for winter travellers. Cruising close to shore there are plentiful opportunities to witness this wonder of nature without getting your feet wet!

Lejano Bremer Bay welcomes travellers, both whales and human to the delights of the Point Henry Peninsula. Come be mesmerised as these beautiful creatures cruise past the house, breaching, tail slapping and cavorting in the clear waters of beautiful Dillon Bay. Absolutely magnificent and a great privilege to witness at close range, an experience that will stay with you forever.

We apologise in advance if the sounds of Southern Right whales courting keep you awake at night, we think that the effect is simply captivating.