Food and Wine

Although only a small town there is a good number of options for a meal ranging from a good pub meal in the Mt Barren restaurant at the Bremer Bay Resort, lunch or dinner at the newly opened Old Telegraph Station as well as the cafe at the Wellstead Museum. For a coffee hit perhaps with a slice of cake there are several options within town that should get you sorted. During peak times seasonal food trucks add to your options making it easy to find something good to eat.

Fishing not been too successful? The Bremer Bay Fish Processors offer a range of excellent eating fish, derived locally and sustainably from the clean waters of the Southern Ocean.

Gnornbup Wines, located on the edge of town is the Great Southern’s most eastern vineyard where the strong coastal influence has created a unique micro-climate. The vineyard has a small cellar door that is open most days in summer and over the weekend at other times of the year. A selection of local wines and beers is also available from the General Store or through the Bremer Bay Resort.


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