Flora and Fauna

Bremer Bay, the Point Henry Peninsula and the wider district offer a rich seasonal tapestry based on unique plants and animals that provide a vivid display of nature’s beauty. Stunning big sky vistas provide an extravagant visual backdrop to this unique eco-tourism destination.

Adjoining the magnificent Fitzgerald River National Park, Bremer Bay provides an ideal base from which to explore this stunning arboretum, internationally recognised by UNESCO as a unique biosphere, joining Uluru and Kosciuszko as one of only 14 such areas in Australia. Magnificent walking trails provide experiences for all abilities, whilst for the more energetic the climb to the top of West Mount Barren offers tremendous views of the coastal plain.

Diverse and iconic Australian animal encounters can be had across the region, with abundant birdlife, marsupial and reptile species to meet. Kangaroos and Emus are often seen and whales and dolphins are a common sight close to shore.

Move offshore and the rich marine life can be equally engaging, with whale watching from July to October for migrating Southern Right whales and dramatic encounters with pods of marauding killer whales that hunt off the Bremer Canyon in large numbers from January through March each year. Venture beneath the waves to experience rich aquatic life including the chance to observe the intriguing leafy dragons that patrol the sea-grass meadows close to the shore. The local dive shop has all you need to get you diving with the dragons.


Fitzgerald National Park: https://parks.dpaw.wa.gov.au/park/fitzgerald-river

Naturaliste Charters: https://whales-australia.com.au/

Whale Watch Western Australia: https://whale Watch Western Australia

Bremer Bay Dive: https://bremerbaydive.com

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“Each day is getting more and more EPIC, yesterday was over 100 pilot whales and Orcas – some circling the boat!”



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