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Right now we need you to stay at home. Only through global response and personal commitment can the world tame the scourge of the Coronavirus. For tourism the impact is particularly severe, not just for those directly affected by cancellation of bookings but for the communities, be they large or small, that rely on a vibrant tourism sector.

Sacrifice now leads to a brighter tomorrow, one where the luxury of travel can once again be enjoyed. Building a bridge to help impacted sectors of the economy to remain viable until this crisis has passed forms the cornerstone of the approach adopted by many countries including Australia.

Planning a holiday in a time of great uncertainty is nigh impossible given the current restrictions on travel and the uncertainty on the timeline for a return to some sense of normality. At Lejano Bremer Bay we have introduced a new set of booking conditions to make it easier to plan ahead. We now offer:




Until this crisis is behind us you can show your support for small towns by booking your holiday to beautiful Bremer Bay with no deposit needed and be safe in the knowledge that you can cancel anytime at no cost. For all bookings once there is a return to normality and a lifting of restrictions, we will ask you to choose whether to confirm the booking and secure with a 20% deposit or to cancel at no cost. Our Price Match Guarantee means that if our prices fall after you make a booking we will honour those new prices. Equally, if our prices rise we will honour the rate that applied when your booking was made.

By placing a booking you help us plan ahead, work with our suppliers and staff and limit the impact on the local community that comes from these uncertain times.

Help us build the bridge