Springtime in Bremer Bay

Most people come to Bremer Bay through the summer time for the fantastic beaches. Few become aware of the rich habitat that exists for an array of plants and animals. Fewer still visit the area at times of the year when this rich display is fully expressed.

Perhaps most notably and easiest the biggest attraction is also a itinerant visitor to the region. Majestic Southern Right whales come to give birth and nurture their calves in the protected bays along the coast. If you’re lucky you can pull up a chair and gaze in wonder at these remarkable creatures as they cruise past the house.

Back on land and spring ushers in a vivid explosion of wildflowers, which bloom in a blur of astonishing colour and provide splendid displays of flowering red banksia and a rich diversity of native plants including delicate native orchids. Replenished by winter rains in springtime the landscape wakes from a deep slumber, urgency abounds to get the important stuff of life sorted before the dry arid conditions return and survival becomes the key goal. Kangaroos and wallabies can commonly be seen and there are a large number of reptilian species that you may come across as your paths accidentally cross.

The springtime annual Hidden Treasures Bloom Festival is timed to coincide with this dazzling display of flowering plants and showcases the best of the Great Southern Region including wildflowers, culture, art, natural attractions and regional food and wine. Check it all out at www.hiddentreasures.com.au for more details.


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