Off-Season in Bremer Bay

The rush of summer but a distant memory the region subsides back to a sleepy fishing village during winter. Perfect for those seeking to escape the rat race and drawn to places where the lure of solitude and unspoilt landscapes pulls strong. From the vantage point high on the hill watch in awe as winter storms charge across the bay, soon it will be raining as the squall briefly lashes the coast. Time to stoke the cosy fire and perhaps another glass of warming red wine?

The passing storm delivers a veritable bounty of treasures from the sea, great for a spot of beach combing just like when you were a kid. A beautiful shell, a delicate sea sponge, some ancient corals returned from a time long ago. Stroll along deserted beaches and really reconnect with the simple pleasures of a life less hurried.

Hop on your bike and explore the tranquil bush and glorious uninhabited coves. The rivers run high so seize the day and go kayaking down a lonely waterway. Perhaps a round of golf complete with a gallery of kangaroos to judge the value of that sublime approach shot?

Wander the coastal cliffs and watch at a safe distance as the swells crash onto the shore. Winter is a time when the winds abate and the light softens offering a coastal landscape that is rich in dappled shades, clouds part to offer shards of glowing sunlight the chance to shine.

Take advantage of heavily reduced off-peak rates to experience the peaceful solitude of Bremer Bay in winter time, food for the soul.


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