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Lejano is available for rent all year round with unique attractions during different times of the year. Heavily booked during peak season from mid-December to the end of January the house is offered as a 3 bedroom house only – Casa Lejano – during this period.

Outside of high season Lejano can be rented either as a 3 bedroom house – Casa Lejano – or can be rented separately as two fully self-contained semi-detached wings, Villa Lejano with 2 Bedrooms and the smaller Cabaña Lejano with 1 Bedroom. Both have separate entranceways and dedicated outdoor spaces, all that is shared is the beautiful view and the secluded beach.

There are attractive shoulder rates for the rest of summer and that also apply during spring wildflower and whale migration season. Discounted off-peak rates for the winter months provide great options guests looking for the solitude this wonderful place offers with mild winters and dramatic scenery.