Lejano is available for rent all year round with unique attractions during different times of the year. For the week of Christmas and New Year the house is offered as a 3 bedroom house only – Casa Lejano – to provide complete privacy for our guests.

At all other times Lejano can be rented either as a 3 bedroom house – Casa Lejano – or can be rented separately as two fully self-contained semi-detached wings, Villa Lejano with 2 Bedrooms and the smaller Cabaña Lejano with 1 Bedroom. Both have separate entranceways and dedicated outdoor spaces, all that is shared is the beautiful view and the secluded beach. Please be aware that due to a quirk of the Moorish design the loft bedroom in both the Casa Lejano and Villa Lejano lay-outs is only accessible via the external stairs. We appreciate that this may not be suitable for all of our guests, so we can also offer the house in a two bedroom ground-floor only configuration.  Please contact us if you would prefer this option and we can provide a pricing. On our accommodation page, a layout diagram is provided for each configuration under the ~view details~ section.

There are attractive shoulder rates for the rest of summer and that also apply during spring wildflower and whale migration season. Discounted off-peak rates for the winter months provide great options guests looking for the solitude this wonderful place offers with mild winters and dramatic scenery.